Our training offer

The trias gGmbH offers wide range of AZAV-certified advanced education. Please notice, that presented courses constitute only extract of our advanced education offer. If interested, you can register yourseld direct for one currently listed course.  Should you be unable to find any desired course on our list, contact us by means of online form, e-mail or info@trias-sozial.com or via phone in order to verify whether we can conduct your desired course in a short term or not. We conduct also complete group trainings for companies and social organizations on request.

Last-minute bookings are possible. Should you not find interesting offer, feel free to contact us and ask. Due to the versatility and constant new launching, our offer is presented only in extract. You can find us also in Kursnet of Federal Agency : http://kursnet-finden.arbeitsagentur.de/kurs/.

For long time unemployed and recipients of benefits, the following courses can be financed via public funds within the scope of FbW (Fund for professional adcanced education), AZAV-courses as well as Berliner Jobcoaching program of Land of Berlin. For further information please to our consulting team can be received under 030 69032-0.

Job application coaching

Language & Integration

Professional advanced training

Basic computer knowledge courses