Together with aging, it is more probable that older people will be in need of help and care and will need support by everyday activities. Yet most of them would like to stay at home which is possible thanks to relatives and ambulatory care providers. Despite of this support, many problems and wishes remain unresolved and the regular services of the helping organisations cannot help. We would like to help by means of our care services to improve the independence and life quality and prevent the social isolation of seniors. We are supported by many likable and competent volunteers.

Our offer:

MobiCoach is an answer to many wishes, expectations, abilities and mental state of seniors in need of help and care. Our help offer is very diverse:

  • walks and wheelchair outdoor activities
  • company by : doctors’ appointments, visits to the authorities, shopping, pharmacy shopping, visiting cemeteries, culture events
  • cooking and baking
  • handcrafts and baking
  • listening to the music, playing instruments, singing
  • gardening
  • physical excercises
  • watching fotos
  • creating memories books
  • reading newspapers
  • playing social games and cards
  • making crosswords
  • organizing social contacts, like tea dances, senior meetings


Since 01.01.2015 all persons in need of care are entitled to additional care benefits, also called low-level help offer. Within the frame of those additional benefits, people in need can get monthly from 104 € or 204€ (for those with very limited ability to cope with everyday tasks). All those, that did not fully use their entitlement to basic care benefits provided by insurance, can additionally get up to 40% of this amount as a low-level help offer.

If you are interested in our offer as care recipient or relatives, use following contact possibilities:

Trias central office

Telefon: 030 69 03 20
Sanderstraße 28
12047 Berlin

Send us an e-mail