Everyday help

Alone living seniors without any problems can cope with most of everyday tasks independently. However, there are some activities that can constitute some troubles – either because of health problems or they can simply feel overstrained.  Their relatives have many professional obligations or they live far away therefore seniors have to count on themselves. In this regard, we would like to offer our help.We want seniors to keep or improve their life quality and wellbeing.

Our offer:

Our free offer refers to particular needs and wishes of looked after seniors. For instance, we offer:

  • Delivery services
  • Company by walks
  • Help with everyday shopping and keeping household
  • Cooking and backing
  • Reading and memory training
  • Cultural activities (cinema, theatre, music events)
  • Help with doctors’ visits, going to banks, hairdressers, etc.
  • Help with correspondence
  • Support by visits to the authorities
  • Small repairs at home
  • Help in the garden
  • Care of domestic animals in the case of absence
  • Activities with other seniors: talking groups, bowling, playing cards and other social games
  • … or simply a company and somebody to talk to

If you need a support for yourself or a family member, feel free to contact us via e-mail!

Contact person

Frau Collatz
Phone nr: 030 62 60 71 56
Michael-Bohnen-Ring 12
12057 Berlin

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