Crisis consulting

People in emotional crisis are in a very dangerous position. There are haunted by thoughts like “I do not know what comes next” which is connected with big helplessness. The trigger to such situations often differs: divorce, sickness, unemployment or other painful turning points that can lead to a significant burden. Very often they pull themselves back.

We support people professionally in such life situations and we look together for individual solutions. You receive help from our psychologists and social education workers with years of experience in crisis intervention. Our consulting forces are in constant contact with administrative offices and government institution. They work with specialist consulting organisations in order to provide you will fast and targeted solution.

Mobbing in the working place and in school

It begins very innocently, in kindergarten, in the school… and continues at work. Mobbing is one of the main reasons why people are thrown on the scrap heap, in both professional and private life. Mobbing and exclusion have its starts not during work by unfair fight over striven promotion but already in kindergartens and schools with questions about clothes brand which often decides if somebody can belong to the “cool” group. During few last year’s mobbing has turned into new forms. Unfortunately, nowadays Internet offers new and vaster possibilities to anonymously discredit others, mostly to hurt emotionally and, because of that to, socially exclude.

Our consulting team of social education workers and psychologists offers you a chance to get an advice how to face mobbing from an objective third party, regardless if it concerns school or professional life. If desired, we conduct project meetings concerning mobbing, exclusion and everyday racism in schools and youth organisations.

Addiction prevention and consulting

Addiction has many form of appearance. They are to be found not only in classical drug abuse (alcohol, cocaine and heroin) but also in distinct forms such as gambling addiction and bulimia. They all have one in common. They destroy persons, families and carrier. Besides classical meetings in schools, youth organisations and firms, our consulting activity in drug prevention consists also of individual consulting by crisis situations. In close cooperation and understanding with our partners, we initiate and represent concrete helping offers.

Problems solving and finding new perspectives

We support you in your fight with crisis situation. Our offer refers not only to persons that are directly in significant crisis but also to family, friends and employer. We help in the case of threatened unemployment, insolvency, homelessness, drug abuse, severe mental distress or violent experience. The offer is free of charge and we are here for you if needed and also anonymous. If you would like to find out where you can find our nearest aid office, you can contact us as follows:

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