Berliner Jobcoaching

Berliner Jobcoaching

Owing to program “Berliner Jobcoaching” supported and funded by senate administration for work, integration and women as well as by state and European fundings, together with Federal Employment Agency of Berlin and Jobcenters of Berlin, land Berlin enables individual support for job-seeking benefit recipients by reentrance to unsponsored occupation.

Demand on Berliner Jobcoaching benefits is free of charge for entiteled persons meeting  relevant criteria. It applies not only for consultancy but also for qualification activity. Currently, the program is implemented by the ABG Arbeit für Berlin GmbH. At present, the trias gGmbH has overall 19 Berliner Jobcoaches on active service in whole Berlin.

Entitled to consultacy are:

  • Recipients of unemployment benefits ALG II
  • Participants of fostered employment measures

The offer comprises:

  1. extensive initial consultation on the basis of finalized with Jobcenter integration advisory service,
  2. creating individual developement plan,
  3. implementation of the developement plan within the agreed steps,
  4. ongoing consultation and support by job application activity,
  5. crisis intervention in case of need,
  6. as well as the documentation of integration process.

Within the said coaching, our team verifies the need of additional qualification possibilities and initiates it in consultation with our clients. There are following qualification possibilities:

  1. Participation in a program promoted by Land of Berlin (amond the others qualification for  Qualifizierung for employment)
  2. Absortion of costs concerning training course of up to 1.440,00 € per beneficiary
  3. Participation in certified courses by means of education voucher

Within the integrated consultancy, our team focuses on good netwoking with cooperation partners in order to advice our clients competently and long-lasting by personal, family, financial and mental distresses. Due to the involvement of our network partners from migration, drugs, debts and children/youth/women help areas, we are able to demonstrate and help to implement solutions to various problems as an activity complementing our coaching.

In order to facilitate access for our clients, our coaches are not only active in district of Berlin in permanent locations. Additionally, they are mobile and on the go in whole Berlin and are availiable with their concultancy to beneficient upon prior arrangement to all interested parties and cooperations partner.

Chief manager

Maik Langner
Tel.: 030 69032-204
Fax: 030 69032-288
Funk: 0152 01594604