Two-wheeled vehicle mechanical assistant

There are more and more people that want to quit cars and change to bicycles. Two-wheeled vehicle mechanics benefit from it because they are just servicing and repairing bicycles.
Similarly to cars, two-wheeled vehicles are more and more often repaired und serviced only by technicians. Therefore, two-wheeled vehicles mechanics are demanded as never before.
They are especially needed during high season in spring and summer due to the service, repair and change works to various models of two-wheeled vehicles like everyday bicycle, race bicycles, high-tech bicycles or electro bicycles. In winter, the two-wheeled vehicles technician devote their time to big repairs or to prepare used bikes to be sold. Besides the bicycle repair shops, there is also a possibility to work in manufacturing companies and trading companies. Moreover, technicians can work also in bike rental companies.


A) Safety and health protection at work

  • Safety and health endangerment at the work place
  • Occupation-related regulations of work protection and accident prevention
  • Accident behaviour patterns as well as first measures
  • Regulations to fire prevention, fire behaviour patterns , measures in case of fire

B) Environment protection

  • Prevention of operating and object conditioned environmental burdens

C) Operating, measuring and controlling

  • Reading, interpreting and using the operating manuals
  • Using bicycles operating elements
  • Check for damage and evaluation of electronic installations
  • Testing and using of mechanic, hydraulic, pneumatic systems and groups
  • Choice and usage of measuring, length, surface and spin controlling tools
  • Conservation measures by contact with bicycles

D) Bicycle servicing, controlling and adjusting

  • Applying work and safety regulations as well as production guidelines with regard to transport and lifting
  • Moving, placing, lifting and supporting bicycles, components and assembly groups
  • Servicing according to given instructions, documenting steps of procedures

E) Mounting, dismounting and repairing

  • Reading and applying repair, mounting and operating manuals, catalogues and tables
  • Reading and applying circuit diagrams, wiring diagrams, layout plans, function charts and production guidelines
  • Demounting and disassembling of components, assembly groups and systems, testing reusability, labelling and cataloguing
  • Matching components, assembly groups and systems as well as testing their integrity
  • Cleaning, preserving and storing of the components and assembly groups
  • Assembling, putting into operation and testing the functionality and shape accuracy of components, assembly groups and systems

The subject matter of this course focuses on the content from first academic year of vocational training for bicycle mechanic or rather two-wheeled vehicle mechanic in the area of bicycle engineering. After successful participation you will be able to assemble bicycles as well as equip them with additional accessories and attachments and conduct service work.

Qualification: qualified certificate (AZAV-certified)


Conditions of entry

In order to participate in our course, motoric and technical skills as well as mechanical understanding are mandatory.

Funding possibilities

If you have valid activation and placement voucher, your coaching is available free of charge.
In order to apply for activation and placement voucher please contact relevant Job Centre or Job Agency consultant.
Costs for direct payers should be discussed with contact person of trias gGmbH.

Course duration:

120 class hours (about 3 weeks, 40 hours/week)

Part-time participation is possible upon earlier consultation.

Additional information
Additional offer

During the whole course, you have a possibility to be supported by our placement activity on the first job market.

Additional details

M 101114-31

14.04.2014 – 03.02.2017

Two-wheeled vehicle mechanical assistant

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Neukölln, Wilmersdorf, Mitte, Kreuzberg und Spandau
Other training locations avaliable on request.

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