Traffic schools Spandau

How we can support you:

In the close cooperation with the police and district office Spandau, trias gGmbH runs two traffic schools for youths in Spandau.

Our cooworkers support various groups of visitors (school classes, children from daycare facilities, parents) as well as those responsible for conducting projects concerning traffic education. We provide an afternoon care, also during holidays, as well as organize festivals and events like open days or children birthday etc.

Our project is supported by Jobcenter Berlin Spandau.

  • Traffic school "Borkzeile"

    Borkzeile 34, 13583 Berlin

  • 030 33604790

  • Traffic school "Hakenfelder Strasse"

    Hakenfelder Str. 9c, 13587 Berlin

  • 030 3362770

You can contact us from Monday till Friday between 8:00 and 16:45.

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