Sanitary and heating engineering assistant

Due to the shortage of skilled personnel many enterprises, professional associations and chambers of trade have to face problem with recruitment for a long time now. However sanitary and heating engineering assistants are in great demand as well.

After successful participation in our course you will be able to assist in gas, water, heating and sanitary installations companies as well as in steel and pipeline constructions by following tasks:

  • Chiselling work
  • Constructing and laying pipes and valves
  • Pipes, sheets of metal and profiles shaping (cutting to a size and assembling)
  • Installation of bathtubs, shower cabinets, sinks, valves and other sanitary installation
  • Mounting and dismounting of radiators and boilers
  • Maintenance works (repair, replacement, insulation)
  • Utilities shaft renovation

Theoretical contents will be combined with practical exercises and application.

  • Preliminary work preparing for following areas of activity:
    • Safety and health protection measures
    • Environmental protection
    • Storage and transport of components and assembly groups
    • Provision of materials, tools and aids
    • Reading and using simple drawings
  • Basic activity concerning mounting and demounting pipelines
    • Chiselling work
    • Assistance by testing, measuring and marking
    • Assistance by stretching, separating and reshaping
    • Assistance by production of pipe joints
    • Assistance by laying and attaching the pipelines
    • Soft- and hard-soldering
    • Assistance by bonding and swaging
    • Assistance by waterproofing measurements
    • Assistance by performing corrosion protection measurements
  • Electronic instructions
    • Legal fundaments
    • Work security and electronic security
    • Electrical engineering fundamentals
    • Study of appliances
    • Practical exercises
    • Theoretical final exam and technical qualification verification under German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) Provision 3
  • Mounting and dismounting drinkable water and drainage system
    • Assistance by mounting and dismounting pipelines for drinkable water and sewage from diverse materials
  • Mounting and dismounting sanitary elements
    • Assistance by preparing installation of sanitary elements and systems
    • Assistance by installation and connecting sanitary items
    • Assistance by dismounting of sanitary elements and systems
  • Mounting and dismounting of heating systems
    • Assistance by mounting and dismounting of pipelines for heating systems
    • Assistance by mounting and dismounting of heating systems
  • Servicing and maintenance of sanitary and heating valves and systems
    • Reading and using simple drawings
    • Assistance by servicing of heating generation systems and chosen valves
    • Assistance by cleaning system elements of pipelines
    • Assistance by measuring and adjusting operating data of valves and systems in operating state
    • Assistance by maintenance of sanitary and heating systems, especially through exchange and servicing of elements out of order

At the same, you will be supported with job application coaching as well as the possibility of active placement help.


During the course, we convey specialized contents derived from occupational training framework for plumbing and heating installer. The acquired knowledge and skills will be implemented and deepened in the course of an internship at possible employers company.

Qualification: qualified certificate (AZAV-certified)


Conditions of entry

In order to participate, the interest in this particular occupational area as well as technical skills are required. Additionally, you need to be able to withstand physical and stress and strain. The suitability will be verified by intern test.

Funding possibilities

If you have valid activation and placement voucher, your coaching is available free of charge.
In order to apply for activation and placement voucher please contact relevant Job Centre or Job Agency consultant.
Costs for direct payers should be discussed with contact person of trias gGmbH.

Course duration:

  • 640 class hours (16 weeks – 40 h/week)
  • 160 hours of internship (e. g. 2 x 2 weeks)
Additional information

Additional offer 

During the whole course, you have a possibility to be supported by our placement activity on the first job market.

Additional details

M 101114-56

05.11.2014 – 04.11.2017

Sanitary and heating engineering assistant

Measures Nr.:
on request

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trias Gesellschaft für Arbeit, Gesundheit und Soziales mbH, gemeinnützig Sanderstraße 28, 12047 Berlin
Tel.: 030 69032-0
Fax: 030 69032-288

Training locations:
Neukölln, Wilmersdorf, Mitte, Kreuzberg und Spandau
Other training locations avaliable on request.

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