Sales and cash desk certificate

An important intersection between clients and retail industry is sales and cash desk personal. Correct behaviour towards clients plays a big role in clients satisfaction and therefore constitutes a success for the company. For that reason, a professional sales training is absolutely essential as well as technical command of diverse cash desk system.
Our course is a great possibility to get cash desk certificate recognized within retail industry enabling you to prove your cash management knowledge. With this very knowledge and acquired sale skills you can be broadly placed, for instance in retail industry, department stores, hypermarkets and in system catering.
Your chances on the job market will rise significantly due to the fact that amongst similarly qualified applicants, the employers always favour those who possess sales and cash desk certificate.


A) Overview of diverse cash desk systems

  • Cash desk systems and PC
  • Cash registers
  • Cash desk software
  • Barcode scanner
  • Printer
  • Monitors and displays
  • Cash drawers
  • Cash desk keyboard
  • Magnetic card system
  • Time tracking
  • EFT-POS-Terminals
  • Organizing and leaving cash desk working place

B) Work with the keyboard

  • Cash desk functions and types of payment
  • Entering by means of keyboard
    • Change deposit
    • Personal sale
    • Sale on credit
    • Product repetition
    • Weight measurements
    • Product return
    • Price corrections
    • Deposit
    • Cancellation
    • Discounts
    • Return and void receipt
    • Receipt abort
    • Payment
    • Change
    • Cash check

C) Work with scanner

  • Product coding
    • EAN coding
    • PLU-file (barcode)
  • Essential functions and scanner activities

D) „Blind“ input

  • Inserting a product with „blind“ method with finger technique

E) Accounting

  • Authentication of money, functionality and peculiarities of card payment
  • Work with cash
    • Money count
    • Cash desk accounting
    • Withdrawal
  • Card payment
  • Voucher payment
  • Turnover determination
  • Difference determination

F) Cashier procedure

  • Legal provisions
  • Ground rules for monetary transactions
  • Contents of cash system
  • Basic terms concerning trade and sale
  • Vouchers and receipts
  • Communication at the cash desk
  • Cash desk incidents
  • Safety information

G) Final exam

  • Practical and complex exercises for exam preparation
  • Written and oral exam

Within our practical course, you will be prepared for occupational activity in the sales area. Together with acquiring technical aspects of modern cash management, entering income in the books and invoicing the turnover, you will learn how to cope with various situations in retail, for example consulting, managing complaints and discounts.

Qualification: qualified certificate (AZAV-certified)


Conditions of entry

In order to participate in our course you need to enjoy contact with clients and to be interested in sale.

Funding possibilities

If you have valid activation and placement voucher, your coaching is available free of charge.
In order to apply for activation and placement voucher please contact relevant Job Centre or Job Agency consultant.
Costs for direct payers should be discussed with contact person of trias gGmbH.

Course duration:

180 class hours (about 5-6 weeks)

Part-time participation is possible upon earlier consultation. The course is prolonged appropriately.

Additional information

Additional offer

During the whole course, you have a possibility to be supported by our placement activity on the first job market.

Additional details

M 101114-27

04.02.2014 – 03.02.2017

Sales and cash desk certificate

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Neukölln, Wilmersdorf, Mitte, Kreuzberg und Spandau
Other locations avaliable on request.

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