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There are many unused and unoccupied buildings and spaces in Berlin. The reason for that is diverse: partially it is connected with economic fluctuations. On the other hand, according to the owners, it may be an income return. It is possible to use “inactive” buildings to accommodate there refugees. Those buildings present a chance for investors due to the fact they are able to acquire them inexpensively.

By means of our project, we collect information concerning empty business spaces, evaluate their condition and provide our report to regional offices as an additional basis for documentation of regional management. The collected documentation constitutes consequently an additional basis for activities supporting the development of locations economy, for consultancy concerning founding a new business and the for implementation of shopping streets and settlement management.

This project is supported by:

  • Jobcenter Berlin Pankow
  • Jobcenter Berlin Reinickendorf
  • Pankow

    Prenzlauer Promenade 42, 13089 Berlin

  • 030 54805475

  • Reinickendorf

    Flottenstraße 28, 13407 Berlin

  • 030 46795619

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