Business administration and tax law

Business administration relates to conducting, controlling and organisation of economical establishment.  Our goal is to describe, explain and support decision processes in a company.
In current business world, fundamental knowledge is mandatory in nearly all occupational and activity areas. Regardless of the business area you are active in, you need to be able to assess and evaluate economically the consequences of your everyday occupational actions.
During our course you will gain an inside into economic and tax terms and, as a result, acquire basic knowledge in order to be able to understand economic contexts. You will learn and train to recognize complex tasks as well as to lose them efficiently. You will acquire qualification needed to be placed mostly in small and medium-sized companies in the administrative area and bookkeeping.


A)Fundamental training in usage of programs needed for this module.

During this course, we make sure that participants are able to follow the training contents on one consistent level of knowledge. It covers not the topic-related contents of particular modules but the user interface of software packages. The usage of software packages is focused on the module contents and at the same time concentrates among the other things on usage of sections from such programs as:

  • MS Office 2010 (Excel, Word, Outlook, Internet-Explorer)
  • Sage KHK Officeline/ClassicLine
  • Quickbooks, Quicken, Lexware Office Administrator

B) Basics of business administration (with special regard to to small and medium-sized companies)

  • Area of reference
  • Terminology
  • Business forms (differences between GmbH, AG, OHG, EinzelU)
  • “The enterprise” (inclusion into legal and fee system)
  • The function of managing director, proxy, executive board, etc.
  • Need, supply and demand
  • Business activity
  • Operating numbers of a company

C) Basics of tax law

  • Basics of taxation
    • Determining terms : taxes, fees, charges
    • Sorts of taxes
    • Appropriate authorities and their tasks
    • Statutory fundamentals (German Civil Code, Commercial Code, Tax Law, General Fiscal Law, etc.)
  • Sorts of income
    • Profit income
    • Surplus receipts kinds
    • Forms and basics for profit assessment
  • Tax (pre-) registration and tax declaration
    • Value added tax (VAT)
    • Commercial tax
    • Income tax
    • Corporate income tax
  • Tax code
    • “The Administration Act”
    • Deadlines and legal consequences
    • Opposition procedure (out-of-court remedy)
    • Fine and penalty provisions

D) Practical part

  • Company establishment
  • Tax obligations in running business establishment
  • Closing down of a company
  • Bankruptcy (quick overview)
  • Creating a general and specific job application

We convey you fundamentals of business administration and tax law in order to update or newly acquire of knowledge in relevant sections regarding office occupations or beforehand establishing a business.

Qualification: qualified certificate (AZAV-certified)


Conditions of entry

In order to participate, the prior knowledge in administrative area is preferable but not mandatory.

Funding possibilities

If you have valid activation and placement voucher, your coaching is available free of charge.
In order to apply for activation and placement voucher please contact relevant Job Centre or Job Agency consultant.
Costs for direct payers should be discussed with contact person of trias gGmbH.

Course duration:

240 class hours

Part-time participation is possible upon earlier consultation.

Additional information

Additional offer

During the whole course, you have a possibility to be supported by our placement activity on the first job market.

Additional details

M 101114-29 Modul 1

14.04.2014 – 03.02.2017

Advanced education for office: Business administration and tax law

Measures Nr.:
on request

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Training locations:
Neukölln, Wilmersdorf, Mitte, Kreuzberg und Spandau
Other locations avaliable on request.

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