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Search for new staff members is elaborate and costly. Determining requirement profiles, creating legally correct job advertisements, examining all the applications and first interviews in order to estimate who can be regarded as a good candidate for the position – all these proceedings demand time. If you do not have time, if you would just like to concentrate on interviews with already pre-selected candidates, use our services for employers. We gladly take over the whole pre-work and present you a choice of candidates who are worth a job interview. Rely on many years of our experience as personnel service provider and do not waste your precious time!

Our job agents team support your personnel acquisition by

  • establishing detailed requirement profiles to investigate your manpower requirement
  • search for suitable applicants
  • conducting preliminary interviews in order to determine applicants qualification and motivation

After mutual selection of eligible applications

  • we check the availability / period of possible hiring
  • we clarify in advance potentially existing possibilities for grants provided by Job Agency and Jobcenter

If suitable candidate shows additional need for qualification,

  • we organise for you appropriate training
  • we clarify possibility of costs takeover within the scope of possible funding programs

We gladly consult you within the funding possibilities by hiring unemployed as well as train your current stuff.

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