Our offer for you

Below you will find our offer by means of which we would like to support you.  In order to establish contact and to get answers regarding all of your doubts, use our hotline: 03055520591 for the purpose of further inquiries or making an appointment.

Job vacancies

Here you can find available job vacancies. In case you will not find any suitable offer, please contact us through the hotline or send us unsolicited application with your desired occupation.

Unsolicited application

You know what you want and you would like to get a suitable offer? Send us your job application fast and unbureaucraticly. Our consulting team will contact you quickly with a concrete offer.

Extended consulting offer

Within the scope of individual consulting we offer you additionally:

  • Competences determination/ profiling
    Analysis of your current knowledge and skills in order to determine your possibilities on the actual job market.
  • Job and job market orientation
    Occupational alternatives check and exploration of new applications with better possibilities.
  • Adjustment training
    If you have interest on any of additional advanced education training or you would like to update your skills, we gladly support you by search for funds to cover your education plans.
  • Job application coaching
    In order to optimize your job hunt, we couch you in all the areas connected with job application, for example : use of Jobbörse of Federal Employment Agency and other job portals, creating application portfolio, training job interviews and use of modern research means.

Financing / Payment

Our offered services can be funded by Job agency or Job Centre. This sponsorship is conducted regularly by means of education voucher or activation and placement voucher (AVGS). Additionally, educational services may be funded by program “Berliner Jobcoaching”. In order to clarify the possible costs or taking charge of them by other institutions also for non-recipients of benefits, contact our consulting team. You can reach us under 03055520591.

AVGS – activation and placement voucher

In case of successful placement, persons in danger of unemployment and registered unemployed (ALG I), as well as benefit recipients (ALG II) can cover the resultant costs by means of Activation and Placement Voucher (AVGS) issued by Federal Employment Agency, Jobcentre or district. The requirement is placement of the concerned person in a social insured occupational activity and signing the contact with private job agency. Private job agency needs to be certified according to § 178 of Social Security Code III. The voucher application can be conducted formless and orally. However, we highly recommend written application. The application can be made from the point of job hunt start. The claim to AVGS begins after 6 weeks of registered unemployment.

Please pay attention that AVGS may be limited with time and place. If you have any further questions on placement vouchers or you need support and consultation, feel free to contact our job agent’s team.

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