Job placement

Since 1995, the trias has been active in Berlin in the area of job placement with social entitelment.

Die trias ist seit 1995 in Berlin als professionelle Arbeitsvermittlung mit sozialem Anspruch aktiv. As a certified social service provider, we take care of finding precise compatibility between employers and employees . Thereby, we attach particular value to long term perspectives for all participants. Since 2014, we have supported with our job placement activity all persons still assigned to the first job market. In this case concerned are persons in danger of unemployment and those who want to change something in their professional life, also as professional newcomers.

Our clients and cooperation partners can trust that the same great and ethical value is basis of our job placement for which implementation as non-profit and social activity we feel responsible for.


  • 1995 – Start of the first social project with accompanying placement activity
  • 2002 – Establishing the first “employers job service” in the district Tempelhof – Schöneberg
  • 2002 – Expansion of “employers job service” activity in the district Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf
  • 2003 – Foundation of first “commercial job agency” in Ullsteinhaus
  • 2008 – Creation of first job agents team and expansion all over Germany
  • 2012 – Cooperation with certified job placement agency GfDP GmbH
  • 2015 –  Certification as commercial job placement agency
  • 2015 – First overcome “barrier” of 500 placements within a year

Our consultation concept

Trias gGmbh is primarily a social company which made themselves responsible for wellbeing of citizens.  Within the scope of our daily project work, we are in a great contact with people who are no longer or not yet employed. Due to the fact that participation in occupational life is one of the most significant requirements of creating self-determined life, the support of unemployed with their search for stabilisation of job is an essential component of our non-profit activity.

Due to the constant exchange with participants of job market, we possess diverse network as well as far reaching competences regarding the merger of employers and employees and accompanying consultation. Our biggest advantage lies in the fact that we know our clients very good because we keep contact over a long period of time through the non-profit project work. Thanks to that, we are able to determine precisely whether the possible employer and our client match or not.

Offer for applicants

Offer for employers