Unser Datenschützer ist udis-zertifiziert.

Our privacy group is udis-certified.

Personal introduction to privacy protection

Dear visitors, participants, employers, affiliates and cooperation partners.

The viewpoint of our company concerning „privacy protection“ can be described with the words of an independent and competent authority, which audited us thoroughly:

„… Trias lives data security …“

I am convinced that it is not possible to describe current state of privacy policy in trias better than by means of this quote . It may serve as our maxim with a regard to the manner of our dealings with information compliant with privacy protection. Like in all other companies, the implementation of Federal Data Protection Act regulations has been of a great importance for us already since establishment of trias in 1995 and constitutes essential element of company policy. Although the significance as an important mainstay and competition characteristic of a modern and media-open, social conscious company grew over the years.

As an administration manager in years 2000 -2009, I regarded privacy protection rather as expense factor than a relevant need. My opinion and perception of this matter changed radically after hiring privacy protection staff of trias. Being confronted to daily problems and their effects on our project participants, it became evident very fast, that it is not enough to meet “only” the legal demands. By assistance of relevant regional authorities – Berlin representatives for data protection and freedom of information – the intern administrative and project structure has been completely reorganized and assured that all the concerned parties will be conformed to their right to informational self-determination. Besides, the installation of electronical code locks and camera security systems in sensible areas,  where specially confidential data (§ 3 Abs. 9 BDSG) are stored (among the others human resources department), this includes also increase in the number of re-audits concerning privacy protection. It has been guaranteed that the training would be conducted only by appointed data privacy protection official or specially trained staff.

If you have any further questions concerning implementation of privacy protection rules in trias, please contact us by means of contact form or send us an e-mail on datenschutz@trias-sozial.com. For urgent matters you can contact us personally or via phone under the 030 55520591.

Your data protection supervisor

Contact possibilities in privacy protection matters

If you have any questions concerning the implementation of privacy policy in trias gGmbH or you would like to contact our appointed data protection supervisor, use following contact possibilities:

Please, mark always the confidential mail for data protection supervisor with “PRIVACY POLICY” or use following addressing :

Datenschutzbeauftragter der trias gGmbH
– confidential –
Sanderstraße 28
12047 Berlin

Please, do not fax documents or letters intended exclusively for data protection supervisors since in this case the confidential nature of your matters cannot be entirely guaranteed.

More information is provided on www.datenschutz-berlin.de

Contact form – privacy protection

Data from this contact form are transferred exclusively to the data protection supervisors.

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